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In this column, I list the price I paid for the item, the vendor if applicable, and my opinion of the price paid. This is not a reflection on the vendor's pricing since vendors have to sell at some point higher than the wholesale price they pay; it's only my opinion of the value offered for the price. There are several products I've purchased with "fair" prices which I believe are great products, but are a little overpriced given the value they offer and how much it costs to make them.


Here I rate the quality of the product's included documentation, if any. Some products simply need no documentation, such as tires, or are already covered by the vehicle's service manual (such as brake pads). Other products really should have documentation to help the purchaser, who may have never installed one before, to install it more quickly.


In this column, I merely state my opinion of the product's overall aesthetic quality. Some items perform well while looking very humdrum, and others are nicer to look at.