Installation Instructions for Rear Wiper Controller

What's Included

What You Need

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Remove coin drawer by opening it, then pushing up on the stops on either side and pulling drawer down until it snaps out. Remove the driver-side knee bolster panel by removing the three screws: one on each side at the bottom, and one inside the coin drawer opening. Pull the knee bolster panel straight out to overcome the retaining clips at the top of the panel.

  2. Disconnect the wire harness from the maintenance reminder unit (MRU).

  3. Splice the WCU harness yellow wire to the MRU harness yellow wire using a red 3-way tap connector or (optional) a red splice connector.

  4. Splice the WCU harness purple wire to the MRU harness orange wire using a red 3-way tap connector or (optional) a red splice connector.

  5. Remove the steering column covers by removing the three screws from underneath the lower cover. Carefully pull apart the top and bottom covers, which are held together with snaps on the sides. Pull the tilt steering adjustment lever down to remove the lower steering column cover.

  6. Remove the smaller, lower connector from the wiper stalk switch unit by pushing the tab in and sliding the connector back.

  7. Route the black, red, and green wires from the WCU harness over the metal knee bolster, along the large black wire harness, to where the harness branches into three parts.

  8. The main wiring harness to the steering column branches into three parts: one for the headlight switch and two for the wiper stalk switch unit. Locate the smaller connector that you removed in step 6 (it should have 5 wires), and cut open the protective sheathing on its harness from the connector to the main harness (about 2 inches). Be careful not to nick the wires inside.

  9. Locate the solid dark green wire coming from this connector, and cut it in half, leaving enough wire length on each side to crimp a splice connector to.

  10. Strip the ends of the WCU harness black wire and the cut green wire coming from the connector. Connect the two using a blue splice connector.

  11. Strip the ends of the WCU harness red wire and the cut green wire coming from the harness. Connect the two using a blue splice connector.

  12. Locate the light green with black stripe wire coming from the wiper switch connector. Fit a blue 3-way connector over it, and insert the WCU harness's green wire into the remaining hole. Squeeze the connector closed.

  13. Use the supplied zip-ties to clamp the splice connectors to the wire harness, and to cleanly route the WCU harness wires along the large steering column harness.

  14. Replace the lower steering column cover and its three screws. Replace the upper steering column cover and snap into place.

  15. Plug the WCU harness connector into the WCU. Find a suitable place to mount the WCU using Velcro. A couple of suggestions are 1) on top of the MRU, or 2) on top of the metal knee bolster.

  16. Push the knee bolster panel back into place. Replace the three screws, then replace the coin drawer.

  17. Insert the ignition key and turn to the "II" position. Turn the rear wiper switch to the "ON" position. The rear wiper should immediately make one pass, then wait approximately 3 seconds between each subsequent pass.

Other Tips

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