Last Updated: 11/23/2007

I'm thinking of offering other electronic products for the Acura Integra, or any other cars.

Here are some ideas I've had:

Generally, any electronic part I build would be packaged in a small, nondescript black box with an electrical connector on one end, and would installed in a way such that it is not normally visible. Each unit would be fully tested, and include everything necessary to install it (wire harness with connector on one end, instructions, etc.).

The only catch for buyers is that they must handle the installation themselves (or hire someone such as a car-audio installer who knows how to deal with car wiring).

I plan to price anything I make between $10 and $75, depending on the complexity of the design and the difficulty in building it.

Are you interested in any of these potential products, or is there something else you'd like? Write to me and let me know. If there's sufficient interest in anything, I'll get to work designing it.

Also, if you have some other type of car, and happen to live near the Chandler, AZ area, we may be able to work out something if you let me use your car for testing.

If you're interested in my credentials for designing electronic equipment for cars, I'm an electrical engineer formerly employed at a transportation research institution where I designed analog and digital circuits and printed circuit boards (my current job is just programming, unfortunately, with no hands-on work). So you shouldn't be worried about plugging one of these in and having it catch on fire!

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