02/15/2009 - I haven't been very good about noting changes here, even though there have been many. I've sold controllers to nearly 75 different customers now, as well as many pigtail harnesses. These parts are also available from me on Ebay, though my prices there are higher to recoup Ebay's excessive fees, so be sure to buy them here to save yourself some money (about 12-15%).

The biggest news is that I've now developed a new product, the HID Relay, meant mainly for installing HID systems on cars with H4 or 9007-type bulbs, where the low and high beams are in the same bulb. This relay is solid-state, highly reliable, and also includes an adjustable turn-off time feature, so you can set the relay to turn off up to 30 seconds after you switch off your headlights if you desire. The first units should be done this week, so reserve yours now!

Lastly, I've created a new website for my fledgling business. It's still under construction, but all the parts sales pages should be moving there very soon. Don't worry; any direct links to this site, or parts of it (e.g., https://integramod.tripod.com/bixenon/) will redirect to the new site. This site will remain for my personal Integra-related stuff.

03/08/2008 - A very large new batch came in of bixenon solenoid controllers came in and I now have plenty of stock to last for quite a while at this rate. In addition, I'm now selling the pigtail harnesses for an additional $5 for those whose projectors didn't come with them.

01/20/2008 - A new batch of bixenon solenoid controllers came in some time ago, and I'm now sold out (except for a single controller), which makes 41 controllers sold so far. A new batch should come in soon.

08/04/2007 - Updated bixenon solenoid controller installation instructions page with helpful diagrams.

07/21/2007 - Finished building first batch of bixenon solenoid controllers and am offering them for sale. First "dibs" go to the people who had previously contacted me with interest in this product, but if demand is high, I can build a second batch in about two weeks.

06/23/2007 - Installed new Thermal R&D exhaust system, replacing Skunk2.

06/16/2007 - Big news! My lovely wife has bought a 2000 Integra GS-R, so we now have two Integras in the family.
I'm going to try to get these bixenon solenoid controllers out soon, so please bear with me.
Updated article about rear sway bar/tie bar

Before this - many other changes in case you haven't checked back recently.